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How does the criminal process work in drug crimes cases?

North Carolina residents who have been arrested for drug crimes -- especially those arrested for the first time -- will have a lot of questions about how the criminal process works in our state. No matter how serious your drug crimes charges are, you will remain innocent before the court of all your charges until -- and only if -- you are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. What this means is that you will have an opportunity to defend yourself against the charges, and no conviction can occur if the prosecution is not able to meet its burden of proof.

The vast majority of criminal cases start in district court, at which time accused individuals will be advised of their right to legal counsel. Individuals will have choice of defending themselves, having a court appointed public defender when they did not have the funds to retain private counsel or hiring a private criminal defense attorney of their own choosing. It is always advisable that accused parties obtain a legal representative rather than trying to defend themselves. 

North Carolina husband and wife arrested on drug charges

Police in North Carolina have charged a man and woman with growing marijuana. Deputies say that the two were cultivating the illegal plants in their backyard. The married couple, aged 43 and 44, faces a variety of drug charges relating to the allegations.

The couple was arrested on a recent Sunday after a North Carolina State Highway Patrol Air Unit flew over their residence and allegedly spotted the marijuana plants. Police claim that they performed a search of the residence and backyard after obtaining a search warrant. During their search, they say they confiscated a total of 32 marijuana plants, which authorities assume the accused individuals were going to illegally sell and/or distribute. 

Drunk driving defense in North Carolina

A drunk driving arrest might happen in a variety of ways, but it in most cases it happens during a traffic stop. If a North Carolina officer detects the odor of alcohol or notices that a driver's voice is slurred, the officer might decide to perform a blood alcohol test and/or field sobriety test. The results of those tests, and the officer's interpretation of those results, could trigger a drunk driving arrest.

Some individuals accused of drunk driving and some individuals are actually guilty of the offense. Regardless which situation you happen to be in, there is a criminal defense strategy that will effectively suit your needs. In some cases, the defense of an innocent individual will focus on getting the drunk driving charges dropped or dismissed. In other cases, it will focus on reducing any punishments associated with the conviction of an individual who is guilty of the act.

Ulbricht's mother calls drug trafficking sentence too harsh

A federal judge in the Northeast sentenced the creator of the Silk Road website to life in prison last Friday without the possibility for parole. The 31-year-old's mother has since been interviewed by Huffington Post regarding the matter. Just like any mother would be in North Carolina and other areas of the country, the woman is devastated. She said that the verdict made her feel like her son has died, and she worries for her son's safety while he is in prison. Ulbricht was convicted of multiple charges, which included but were not limited to computer hacking, money laundering and conspiracy to commit drug trafficking.

Ms. Ulbricht is hopeful that her son's attorneys will be successful during appeal. She mentioned how unfair a lifetime sentence is considering that none of her son's crimes were violent in nature and he does not have a prior criminal history. In her opinion, the punishment is politically motivated and her son is -- in this respect -- a political prisoner of the United States government.

Theft crime alleged against woman in North Carolina

According to reports from a county sheriff's office, deputies recently issued charges against a woman. She is accused of a theft crime in April in North Carolina, involving a vehicle that apparently did not belong to her. At that time, officers were called to Shipyard Road on reports of a vehicle break-in.

Reports indicate that officers who responded to the call arrived at the scene to discover that the vehicle in question had, indeed, been entered. Officials say that personal checks and a debit card were reported missing from the car. The police conducted a preliminary investigation that led them to pursue a female suspect.

Aggressive drug crimes defense for those accused in Carthage

Drug crimes charges are one of the most common ways that Carthage residents find themselves in trouble with the law. Fortunately, simply knowing the kinds of drug crimes charges that exist can help Carthage residents stay out of trouble. It can also help them better understand their charges should they be arrested.

By far, the most common kind of drug crime with which people are charged relates to simple possession. Simple possession charges might happen after a police officer pulls your car over and performs a search of the vehicle or pats you down and finds a small amount of narcotics on your person or in your car. Drug paraphernalia possession charges often accompany drug possession charges when police officers find pipes, scales, little plastic baggies or other miscellaneous items that they suspect were used in relation to drugs, whether to administer them, make them, store them or distribute them.

Driving while impaired charge follows near-fatal car accident

A 30-year-old North Carolina driver is facing DUI-related charges after allegedly causing severe injuries to another driver in a car accident. The North Carolina Highway Patrol reported that the driver crossed into the opposite lanes of traffic and collided with another vehicle. It is alleged that she was driving at a speed that exceeded the speed limit and that she was driving while impaired.

One trooper said although the accident caused severe injuries to both drivers, the injuries could have been fatal had the accident occurred just slightly later. The second vehicle was apparently traveling slowly after having just entered the highway, and the two cars merely glanced off each other. However, the trooper asserts, had the accident happened when the second driver had already picked up speed, the impact could have been much worse.

3 issues attorneys investigate in a drug possession case

North Carolina drug crime defense attorneys typically investigate every detail relating to a drug possession charge in order to formulate the best possible defense. During this investigating process, attorneys will want to know the answer to the following three questions. If your answer to any of the following questions is "no," it could dictate how your attorney proceeds to defend you in your drug possession matter.

First, did the officer who arrested you have an actual search warrant? In most cases officers cannot perform a search of a person's home, car or body without a warrant. In some situations, officers can bypass the need for the warrant if they can show they had a strong reason to suspect you of committing a crime -- like seeing a bag of marijuana on the backseat of your automobile through the window, for example.

Man assaults two police officers and faces a felony charge

Most North Carolina residents like to unwind after a hard day's work. Some take it easy and stay in to watch TV while others prefer to go out to a local bar with friends or coworkers. Most nights out lead to happy, more relaxed people but, occasionally, they end in violence and with individuals facing a felony charge, as is the case with a construction worker recently.

Last Saturday in Murphy, a construction worker from another state assaulted two police officers while they attempted to arrest him, according to the investigators. He is now facing two felony charges for assaulting a law enforcement officer. Someone called 911 when the man was seen to be disruptive, drunk and driving. 

Investigators determining if criminal offense was a hate crime

Many North Carolina residents are aware of the recent shooting at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro. The incident has shocked many in the community, as the campus had experienced no violent crime in recent years. As authorities investigate the matter, they are looking into whether the criminal offense could be considered to be a hate crime.

The shooting took place on a recent Monday, when investigators believe that a student at the school walked into the print shop office and fired a single shot at an employee. The weapon used was a pistol-grip shotgun. The man who was killed was a long-time employee at Wayne Community College and ran the school's print shop. The man who fired the shot had worked in the print shop as part of a work-study program, but he was recently released from that program due to poor attendance.

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