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Adam Lazzara charged with DWI in North Carolina

Musician Adam Lazzara, who is currently traveling with his Taking back Sunday tour, has been arrested and charged with driving while impaired in North Carolina. The actor was charged with DWI on Sunday, of all days. At this time, it is unknown whether the man was accused of consuming alcohol or using another kind of substance before operating his vehicle. 

Lazzara has been released from jail on a $2,500 bond. Because the performer successfully secured his release from jail, it means that he did not miss his the following concert tour date in New Orleans, which was scheduled for Feb. 18. Next, the tour is expected to make appearances in the Southwest.

2 North Carolina men charged with marijuana drug crimes

Authorities in China Grove have arrested two men on marijuana charges. The North Carolina drug crimes arrests happened on a recent Wednesday in early February after three packages containing what is said to be marijuana were allegedly delivered to a China Grove home. Both men have been charged with various marijuana trafficking drug charges.

The arrests took place after federal and local law enforcement agents claim they witnessed three packages being delivered to a residence in China Grove. Next, two men arrived to pick up the packages, which they put in their vehicle. Police followed the vehicle in secret and purportedly witnessed the men depositing the packages in a building behind another China Grove home. Later, police pulled the men over along Interstate 85 and detained them while performing a search of the second home, which apparently belonged to the family of one of the suspects.

Mixed figurers for frequency of drugged verses drunk driving

Drunk driving arrests appear to be happening less frequently in North Carolina and the rest of the nation, but it is not all good news. Indeed, it appears that instances of drugged driving are on the rise. According to a survey completed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a recently completed voluntary test on drivers has identified the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of drugged verses drunk driving in the country.

On the positive side of the equation, the survey documented that drunk driving has declined by 33 percent over the last seven years. In fact, since 1973, drunk driving has actually declined by 80 percent. These are indeed very promising statistics with regard to drunk driving, but in terms of drugged driving, a different story is told. 

Have you been accused of a crime relating to drug manufacturing?

Although different states around the nation are legalizing marijuana for recreational and/or medical purposes, the substance is still illegal in North Carolina. That means that individuals who are growing the drug could be arrested and accused of a crime relating to the offense. If convicted, they could also be sentenced to jail and face other kinds of very serious punishments.

Growing marijuana is considered to be a form of drug manufacturing. The offense is considered to be a felony violation, and that means the threat of prison time for those who are convicted. If one is found guilty of growing marijuana in the vicinity of a school zone, the penalties could be lengthened or worsened.

Employee of popular NASCAR team facing felony larceny charge

There are a number of crimes that are committed in North Carolina and across the country every day. One of these is larceny, which is the unlawful taking of someone else's property without their consent. A North Carolina man who was working with Richard Childress Racing is currently facing a felony larceny charge. Supposedly, he stole a suit from one of the team's drivers as well as three suits from crew members. He then reportedly put them on eBay and sold them.

He was arrested early in January of this year, but he was released from jail on a $10,000 bond. He reportedly made $6,000 for all four of the fire suits. It has been said that the suits did not have any logos of sponsors or numbers of drivers on them.

Defending drivers charged with DWI in North Carolina

North Carolina legislators are always making punishments and penalties associated with drunk driving more severe, which has given our state the reputation of being one of the toughest on convicted drunk drivers. That said, a driver charged with DWI must be convicted before he or she can be punished for the crime. Sometimes a conviction is more difficult for the prosecution to achieve than might generally be thought.

At Rowland & Yauger, we have extensive experience representing drivers accused of DWI and DUI. We know the ins and outs of North Carolina drunk driving statues and a variety of legal defense strategies that can be employed in virtually any situation. Mostly, we represent individuals Randolph, Moore and Montgomery counties. However, we also handle cases in Cumberland, Lee, Hoke and Chatham.

2 arrested for more than one criminal offense in North Carolina

A routine traffic stop along the interstate recently resulted in two arrests for meth possession and meth paraphernalia possession. According to North Carolina authorities, the 46-year-old woman and 38-year-old man were each booked on more than one criminal offense at the jailhouse in Iredell County. As of last report, they were each being held on bond of $350,000, waiting for first court date.

The traffic stop and subsequent arrest occurred along Interstate 77 on Dec. 26. Police pulled a vehicle over and claim that they detected the odor of marijuana when they approached. This resulted in a search of the vehicle. Inside, they say they allegedly discovered 37 grams of meth, hypodermic needles, glass pipes and other items commonly used for methamphetamine manufacturing. Authorities also claim they discovered an operational "shake and bake" methamphetamine production laboratory in the vehicle.

Driving while impaired conviction can affect car insurance rates

After a North Carolina resident is convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), authorities will notify the driver's car insurance company. Driving while intoxicated and driving while impaired convictions will invariably result in an insurance rake hike. This leaves many wondering just how much their insurance rates will increase.

After a review of six leading car insurance companies, Quadrant Information Services recently determined that the average insurance increase following a DUI conviction was approximately 82 percent. The state in which one resides will also make a difference. For example, in North Carolina, the rate increase averaged 321 percent, which is extremely high compared to national averages.

Defending against a felony charge in North Carolina

Some individuals who are arrested and accused of a felony crime may feel embarrassed about the circumstances of their arrest, and they may be shy to seek out legal assistance to help them in their defense. However, when a North Carolina resident reviews the potential punishments related to a felony violation, he or she will have more motivation to overcome those reservations and get the help that is needed. At Rowland and Yauger, we have seen individuals accused of virtually every crime under the sun. You can speak with us about your felony charge with confidence, knowing that confidentiality and respect are of the utmost importance to our firm.

The sanctity and confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship is crucial to the success of any criminal defense. Providing the client with a judgment-free environment also helps to facilitate a successful defense. At Rowland and Yauger, there is no reason to worry about telling us your story. Indeed, our attorneys may have even heard and represented a client with a similar story to yours before.

9 face felony drug charges in North Carolina

Several people were recently arrested in a drug roundup in North Carolina. The individuals arrested on drug charges were wanted for 40 drug crimes. All the individuals who have been taken into custody have the right to defend themselves in a court of law.

Police arrested nine out of 10 people who were wanted for allegedly engaging in illegal drug offenses. During their operation, police confiscated more than 200 illegal prescription pills as well as over 100 grams of marijuana and a few marijuana plants. Also confiscated was a small quantity of cocaine powder as well as drug paraphernalia. Police said the seized drugs' street value was over $18,000.

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