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High school football coach charged with driving while impaired

A football coach employed by a Wake County high school was suspended from his job after getting arrested and charged with a DWI offense. The 43-year-old North Carolina man was pulled over by authorities on a recent Wednesday night. As of last reports, there has been no indication as to whether the man has retained a criminal defense attorney to represent him in the driving while impaired case.

A representative speaking on behalf of Wake Forest High School, where the man worked as a football coach, has confirmed that the man was suspended from his job duties. Until his arrest, the coach had led the Cougars football team since 2007. He achieved a record of 84-17 during that time. He even brought the team to the state championships on two different occasions. So far this year, the team has been undefeated.

Man extradited to North Carolina on embezzlement charges

Authorities in North Carolina had been searching for an individual who they say stole some lottery tickets from a convenience store. According to reports, the accused individual activated the tickets and cashed them for his or her own use. Recently, a man was taken into custody in another state who currently faces several embezzlement charges in connection with the missing lottery tickets.

The man supposedly worked at the store identified by the North Carolina Lottery Commission and local authorities as the one from which the tickets were allegedly stolen. What information led them to believe that the man now in custody is the one who stole the tickets was not reported. The man has several criminal convictions in his past, but that does not mean that he is guilty of the current accusations.

Have you been arrested for a crime in North Carolina?

When defending oneself against North Carolina criminal charges it is essential to analyze all options as closely as possible. Indeed, the consequences of a criminal conviction can result in lengthy jail sentences and high fines. They can also damage one's reputation and ruin one's career. For this reason, individuals who have been arrested for a crime will also want to choose an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle their defense. 

The attorneys at Rowland & Yauger are ready to aggressively defend you against any kind of criminal charge. Some of the most common cases we take on involve allegations of DWI and related charges. We also handle drug crimes cases and assault allegations. We handle felonies and misdemeanors of all varieties, and we offer our clients the opportunity to discuss their allegations while we work as a team to develop the most effective criminal defense strategies available.

North Carolina drunk driving defense proceedings

North Carolina state law prohibits individuals from operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, as defined by applicable statutes. Police have various ways of enforcing the state's DUI laws. Typically, though, a drunk driving arrest will occur after a police officer witnesses driver operating his or her motor vehicle in a way that makes the driver appear inebriated.

After conducting the DUI traffic stop, a police officer typically subjects the driver to a series of tests -- usually a Breathalyzer test and multiple field sobriety tests. The Breathalyzer test measures the amount of alcohol in a driver's blood stream. If the test results show that the driver has blood alcohol levels of .8 percent or above, then the driver can be arrested and charged with DUI. 

Have you been charged with driving while impaired?

The consequences associated with a driving while impaired (DWI) conviction are only becoming worse in North Carolina. Indeed, the criminal sentences for conviction of driving while impaired in our state are some of the most stringent in the nation. For this reason, individuals arrested and accused of such crimes may want to lodge a well-organized criminal defense.

At Rowland & Yauger, our attorneys have extensive experience helping individuals who have been accused of DWI. We know that numerous completely innocent individuals are inappropriately arrested and wrongly accused of DWI-related crimes. We also know that everyone is human, and we all make mistakes. Regardless, we will fight to preserve your legal rights and to seek an outcome that is in your personal best interests. 

Driving while impaired arrest in North Carolina

If you have been accused of driving while impaired in the state of North Carolina, there could be some difficult consequences ahead of you if a conviction occurs. The consequences, however, will depend on what happens in your criminal proceedings. North Carolina residents will remain innocent of any criminal accusation -- no matter if it is driving while impaired or shoplifting -- unless they are actually proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law or plead guilty to the crime.

This is an important question that any individual accused of driving while impaired must ask him- or herself. Should I plead guilty and attempt to reach a plea bargain deal with the prosecution in order to obtain a less severe punishment? Or, should I try to defend myself against the charges to pursue a verdict of not guilty?

What are the most common types of drug crimes?

A wide variety of actions constitute drug crimes under state and federal laws. Some states have different drug laws -- as is the case with various states (unlike North Carolina) that have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. In terms of federal laws, drug crimes convictions often result in jail sentences that are longer. No matter if a drug conviction is federal or state, though, having that conviction on one's record can come with severe consequences long after any punishment has been served.

One of the most common drug crimes to be charged with involves drug paraphernalia. This involves the possession of items such as pipes, needles, rolling papers, drug preparation equipment and items that can be used to conceal drugs. It is illegal to export, import or sell drug paraphernalia. Interestingly, even if a smoking apparatus is clearly labeled for tobacco use only, it could be classified as drug paraphernalia under the law, based on where it was purchased and/or its appearance.

North Carolina drunk driving campaign celebrates 20 years

The 20th anniversary of the Booze It & Lose It anti-drunk driving campaign is here. The North Carolina police campaign was created in order to limit the number of inebriated drivers on our roadways. According to DUI statistics in the state, the program has had some success. However, most officials agree that the number of people engaging in drunk driving on our state's roadways is still too high.

According to the director of the Governor's Highway Safety Program, drivers are more aware, but there are still a lot of drunk driving arrests taking place. Indeed, he says that the state still has a long distance to go. He said drunk driving accidents are preventable, and they do not want to lose any more drivers in fatal accidents.

Finding a good drug crimes attorney in North Carolina

Generally speaking, a felony charge in North Carolina could mean jail time for the accused if he or she is ultimately convicted. When it comes to serious felony indictments -- like narcotics sales, drug possession and other drug crimes accusations -- the law offices of Rowland & Yauger is dedicated to asserting and protecting the constitutional rights of our clients in court. No matter what the situation, we know what needs to be done and we know exactly how to do it.

A good attorney will always answer his or her client's questions about criminal law directly and honestly. Indeed, in any attorney-client relationship, the free-flow of information is key to reducing a client's stress and helping them feel okay. The extremely confidential discussions that take place between an attorney and his client are protected by the attorney-client privilege, and accused individuals who hire an attorney to represent them in a criminal case can rest assured that they are in good hands with our firm.

41 North Carolina residents charged with a felony

Durham police initiated a series of crackdowns over the course of the week of September 17, according to local sources. Apparently, 41 people were arrested and charged with a felony related to alleged drug or prostitution crimes. Operation Bull City Intercept, as it was termed, focused on alleged drug trafficking routes and was carried out by several North Carolina law enforcement agencies. 

Details of the individual arrests were not elaborated upon by authorities in this report, but it has been confirmed that several vehicles were stopped on local roads and searched. These vehicles were traversing several roads that police had been watching for some time as potential regular routes for individuals carrying and/or intending to sell illegal narcotics. It is unknown whether police had search warrants for each vehicle or if the searches were initiated on the spur of the moment. 

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