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Officers claim Carthage woman illegally obtained prescriptions

When talking about drug crimes, it is important to remember that even though prescriptions may come from doctors, if these are illegally obtained -- even illegally obtained from a doctor -- this can equal very serious charges. 

Take for example a recent case involving a 30-year-old Carthage woman who is being accused of going to multiple doctors throughout North Carolina in order to obtain prescriptions, which are considered controlled substances. Investigators are claiming she went to 10 different doctors over the course of more than six months to obtain 40 prescriptions for more than 2,400 dosage units of prescription drugs such as Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morphine and amphetamines. 

Adult and teen charged in 6 home break-ins in Moore County

Authorities in Moore County announce they have made arrests in connection with a string of six home break-ins. They say they are holding a 21-year-old male in connection with the case. Also facing charges, however, is a 14-year-old teen male.

The age of the purported accomplice appears to have prompted police to file an additional charge against the older suspect of contributing to the delinquency of a minor in these alleged theft and felony larceny crimes. 

Moore County police arrest 2 on drug-related charges

Very often in police investigations, one thing can lead to another. The result can be a overlapping of criminal charges. Some may be filed as state charges. Others may involve federal allegations.

Charges of any kind, whether state or federal, are serious and should be responded to with an assertive defense with the help of an experienced attorney. When the two are combined, it is even more imperative to have skilled representation at your side, especially if drug crime charges are involved.

A 42-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman, both of Carthage, appear to be dealing with these kinds of issues currently. 

4 arrested in Sanford mini-mart drug raid

One has to wonder whether the quips are flying in the wake of a drug raid conducted in Sanford this week. Is it possible for police to pass up a chance to say they hit the jackpot with their action at the Jackpot Mini-Mart?

The criminal charges that have been filed as a result of the raid are no laughing matter, however. Officials say the raid Wednesday resulted in the arrests of four people in connection with an alleged assault in February. They say they also seized a cache of handguns, a large quantity of synthetic marijuana and a stock of counterfeit wares worth thousands of dollars.

Fayetteville police seek to close apparent 2011 murder case

Fashaad Montez Lee reportedly disappeared in March 2011. Last week, authorities say his remains were discovered in a wooded area of southern Hoke County. Today, police say they have one man in custody in the case and are looking for a second. Both suspects are facing murder charges as well as accusations of first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy.

It is clear investigators feel confident about the case so far. Even though Lee has been missing for about three years and officials only confirmed that the remains found last week are his, charges have been filed and one 27-year-old Maxton man is being held without bail. The second individual, a 25-year-old man, also of Maxton, is said to be the subject of a police hunt.

Suspect pleads not guilty in fatal DWI crash

The law is an evolving environment. This is especially true in connection with North Carolina's laws related to driving while impaired.

State lawmakers, aware that getting tough DWI violators tends to play well among voters, don't shy away from opportunities to beef up the penalties associated with a conviction. Being charged with DWI or driving under the influence carries with it almost immediate consequences. In the event of a conviction, the penalties can be daunting.

News story of recent theft arrests seems to presume too much

Have you ever heard of the news media being referred to as the fourth estate? It's supposed to be a term of respect, acknowledging the importance of open and unfettered reporting of the news in maintaining the integrity of our democracy.

We have the three branches of government, legislative, administrative and judicial, that are supposed to serve as a balance of powers. The news media has come to be seen as an additional element holding all the others accountable, hence the moniker the fourth estate.

But the recent reporting of some arrests for alleged theft and property crimes in Moore County prompts a question of whether the fourth estate hasn't somehow been vacated. The issue is that the story seems to dismiss any notion that those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

2 teens face felony charges after weekend shooting in Sanford

There seems to be a bit of uncertainty about what sparked a shooting incident last weekend in Sanford. The events have led to very clear action by authorities, however. Two males aged 18 and 19 are reportedly held in Lee County Jail on serious felony charges. The young men and a police officer are all said to be recovering from wounds suffered in the shootout.

The specific accusations on which each of the suspects is held include two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault on a police officer with a firearm and one count of possession of a stolen gun. What route their cases wind up taking and what effect the events could have on the futures of the two defendants may depend on experienced legal counsel.

Officials say the shooting occurred Saturday night at about 11:30 near Boykin Avenue and Fields Drive. Police say two officers were responding to a disturbance call near a community center, but they say the shooting was not related to that.

3 North Carolina men arrested for alleged drug crimes

Police in North Carolina recently arrested and charged three men after completing a search and seizure operation in the men's residence. Police claim to have seized seven firearms and various drugs from the apartment where the men were living. The suspected drug crimes bust took place on a recent Thursday afternoon in Greenville.

According to police who arrested the men, they were responding to a call reporting that gunshots had been fired. The witness said that a male suspect was seen going into an apartment at the complex. Police arrived on scene to question the occupants of the apartment when they allegedly detected the odor of marijuana.

2 North Carolina convicts exonerated in 2013

The system of government in the United States has no shortage of critics. None other than Winston Churchill is widely cited as the one who once said "democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."

The system does have its shortfalls and they extend into the justice system, too. It is only to be expected of an institution created by human beings with all their frailties. That's yet another reason why anyone charged with a crime should not try to deal with the system without experienced counsel.

We do stand by the ideal that every person is innocent until proven guilty. As much as we would like to believe that everyone convicted is actually guilty, though, there are some behind bars today who are innocent.

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